Learner-Centered Resources

QED creates and disseminates our student-centered knowledge-base, strategies, tools, and practices.

QED Tools for Personalization

We build capacity through our many assets including tools such as

  • Transformational Change Model,  a road map for building student-centered learning communities, and the accompanying TCM Gap Analysis Tool (contact us for information.)
  • Learner Sketch Tool (LST), an interactive tool developed and launched in April 2011 to complement the Faces of Learning Campaign, designed to help individuals better understand themselves as learners. This interactive tool can be used as a basis of conversation between the learner and her/his teachers and other learning coaches. The LST can also be set up for a facility, allowing teachers to view group reports of students’ self-reported strengths and challenges.
  • Attuning a Student (developed by All Kinds of Minds) includes a database tool for educators to help them understand the Learner Profile through the neurodevelopment constructs lens and give them strategies to help students build on their strengths.
  • MC2school.wikispaces.com is a resource of learning assets developed at the MC2 school. These resources include
    • Lifelong Learning Habits – Students progress in mastery of the 17 habits of lifelong learners including MC2 Habits, Habits of Being and Habits of Mind.
    • Learning Opportunities (expanded beyond schools) including Internships, Treks, Classes, Personal Learning, and a Competency Based Learning Design Tool to assure the Learning Opportunity meets educational standards.
    • The MC2 Gateway Process, a design for presentation of learning.
    • The MC2 Gateway Portfolio Process, an assessment of learning through documentation in a portfolio. This tool will be refined for the proposed platform’s digital portfolio.

QED builds capacity through our relationships including

  • A network of professional development providers who provide training for educators desiring to develop a deep expertise on the neurodevelopmental framework of learning. These providers have access to a trained cadre of 400 professional development trainers. We are working to expand this network of educators.
  • Facilitation and coaching to implement the QED Transformational Change Model for transformation to high quality, student-centered, standards-based learning for every student to other schools and large projects.