Hating School, Loving Learning

As we debate the ins and outs of how to improve student “achievement,” let’s remember to pause and hear what students have to say. The sooner we give the growing movement of students advocating for  their vision of transforming education a welcomed and honored place at the table, the sooner we will move closer to equity in our schools.

Below are two powerful videos by students — Tele’jon Quinn, a high schooler reflecting on the 12-step brainwash camp & Suli Breaks, a recent college graduate unpacking the difference between schooling and learning.

Tele’jon Quinn

Suli Breaks

Also, keep your eye on this rising star: Nikhil Goyal, student author of “One Size Does Not Fit All”.

(Thanks to Lisa Nielson for originally posting these videos on her site, The Innovative Educator.)



  1. Frieda,Well said! Currently our assessments and grdaing system most often only give us hints as to what our students have learned. This will need to change so that students must convince us they have learned the material in the best way possible. I also agree that re-inventing the school will involve changing from the current “fixed time, variable learning” that happens during the school year to “variable time, fixed learning” that is required for mastery of the material. Helping students focus on their passions as Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach suggests is a great way to motivate our students to succeed. I am hopeful that our new 21st Century Learning Continuum will be the start of moving us in the right direction, not only with the mobile computing initiative, but with the change of students into learners and teachers into facilitators. I must disagree on one thing; it is not only elementary schools that will need to be re-invented, but all of K-12 (and maybe even K-16) will need to be transformed. High schools will need to become much more creative as we consider “seat time” and Carnegie Units. I am glad that you are on our team as our district begins this journey.

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