Since 1996, All Kinds of Minds (AKOM) has served as the preeminent organization advancing the use of a neurodevelopmental based approach to help all students learn and thrive. Now a part of QED’s suite of initiatives, it will continue to play a pivotal role in helping educators and students understand how individuals learn, discover unique learning profiles, and personalizing both teaching and learning.

The Neurodevelopmental Framework for Learning (NDFL) developed by AKOM and taught in its programs involves:

  • Expertise in a science of learning, based on the understanding of eight constructs shaping learning and the belief that differences are variation, not deviation.
  • Evidence gathered from multiple sources at different stages of development.
  • A problem-solving model that uncovers the complexity and richness of how a student learns, and encourages and facilitates collaboration among educators, parents/caregivers, and students.
  • A set of five core beliefs about how ALL students are treated.
    • Inspire optimism in the face of learning challenges
    • Discover and treasure learning profiles
    • Eliminate humiliation, blaming, and labeling of students
    • Leverage strengths and affinities
    • Empower students to find success
  • A commitment to work with others to help align school and educational practices and policies to the way students learn and vary in their learning while capitalizing on individual strengths and affinities.

The available resources are numerous and all serve, ultimately, to foster learning communities in which students have personalized learning plans, understand their unique learner profile, and can leverage their strengths and assets to passionately pursue their life aspirations.  Toward this end, anyone interested in building their capacity to better serve and empower students, can explore All Kinds of Minds’ content in a number of ways.

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You can learn more by visiting our website, and even more by registering for a course through one of our providers.