Before I die I want to . . .

Jason FlomCommunity, Learning


Creating discussions and constructive conversations that lead to transformational learning necessitates we generate experiences that reframe our perspective on our world. Sometimes this can happen in surprising and spontaneous ways that build community.

Candy Chang created just such an event in her neighborhood in New Orleans when she painted an abandoned house with chalkboard paint and then stenciled “Before I die I want to . . . ” all over it. She supplied chalk and passer-bys supplied the ideas. Watch her TED Talk below and you may find yourself wanting to create a gorilla conversation in your neighborhood.

We can take a lot from this video, but perhaps one of the most important is to wonder, “Are we giving students opportunities to express their voices in way that matter to them?” Or, “What can we do more to make sure they feel like school is a reflection of their needs, interests, and desires?”

You can watch her talk on the TED site as well.

Image: Candy Chang