Student Centered Learning – Developing an Implementation Matrix

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Over the course of the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, I worked with a group of instructional coaches in a district in Illinois to create an implementation matrix to guide educational practice in realizing the district’s vision of personalized, twenty-first century learning where all students are successful. After I framed the structure for the matrix based on the National Implementation … Read More

Reinventing the wheel?

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A Reflection on Process, on behalf of the Freeport School District Instructional Learning Coaches by Laura Stocker Are we just recreating the wheel? It’s hard not to lament about this question when you’re in education. For every new idea that comes out, there’s someone out there who can say, “What? We were doing that in 1987!” The way practices swing … Read More

The Changing Face of Education?

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I just returned from the invigorating and inspiring annual International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) conference, where this year’s focus included “blended”* along with “online” learning.  iNACOL Executive Director Susan Patrick spoke almost wonderingly at the explosion of the organization, from seventeen people who met together ten years ago to the more than twenty three hundred who gathered to … Read More

Doodling In Math Class — Creative Thinking, Mathem-art-ically Speaking

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A fantastic video by Vi Hart, in which she masterfully dissects the difference between teaching math and teaching thinking, all the while erasing the imaginary line between math and art. We would do well to embrace her creative and imaginative approach to thinking about and enjoying math. Visit her blog or her YouTube channel for more great videos.     Thanks … Read More