Chris Emdin on Hip-hop, Obama Effect & Urban Science Education

Jason FlomCommunity, Learning

about-picBelow is a short video of Chris Emdin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University. In it he lays out some of the intersections of urban education, hip hop and the potential impact of President Obama on the black youth of today.

These are important considerations to wrestle with as we look to transform schools into communities where all students find they have a place, a voice, and no small amount of hope and purpose. Too often we mistake rigor for relevance, achievement for well being, and accountability for quality. Perhaps we need to step back and rethink engagement, vigor, and the meaningfulness of curricula to ensure the experiences we provide students reflect their needs, interests, and affinities.

You can learn more about Dr. Christopher Emdin’s work on his website and read his paper on the topic of this video at Teachers College Record.

Image: Chris Emdin dot com