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Do you share our belief that education can be transformed by making student learning the center of learning environments?

QED’s mission is to build – and inspire others to build – transformational student-centered learning environments both in and out of schools. We believe that young people are our most important resource for the future. We know that when students work in concert with adults who are deeply invested in their success, they bring powerful voice and vision to the work of redesigning our school communities.

Do you believe that the lives of students would be different if teachers, parents, and the students themselves understood how they learn and how to leverage individual strengths for academic success?

QED’s goal is to transform our educational system into one where each student’s learning profile is understood, strengths are used and learning needs are met. We do this by working with educators, families, and communities to ensure every learner’s success. We have tools to help learners understand their own learning profile and to give educators strategies embedded in neuroscience to help students build on their strengths.

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