All Kinds of Minds Critical Friends Group Coaches’ Institute

Jason Flom

All Kinds of Minds 

Critical Friends Group

Coaches’ Institute

Summer 2013     Ÿ     July 8-12, 2013

Indian Creek School Crownsville MD

Inaugural All Kinds of Minds (AKOM) Critical Friends Group Coaches’ Institute launching summer of 2013!

Critical Friends Groups (CFGs) are small cadres of teachers and/or administrators who commit themselves to learning – with and from one another. Each CFG has a coach or facilitator who helps the group build trust by engaging the group in meaningful work while providing a safe environment for taking risks.  The coach learns strategies to build and sustain a learning community among colleagues.  This person is a member of the group, while helping others learn the skills that promote reflection, innovation, and making the work of teaching visible.

By the conclusion of the Institute, each participant will have:

  • Learned and practiced the concepts, tools and skills for coaching groups of colleagues as they collaboratively integrate the processes and beliefs of AKOM into their schools and classrooms
  • Deepened their understanding of the AKOM constructs and their significance in improving student learning
  • Learned and practiced protocols for examining student work collaboratively, receiving feedback on professional dilemmas, revising educator practice, and reading professional texts
  • Linked student work to the neurodevelopmental framework
  • Unpacked the neurodevelopmental demands of lessons
  • Developed and “tuned” management plans and demystification/student learning partnership conversations
  • Facilitated with feedback
  • Engaged in reflective dialogue
  • Considered issues of equity in schools and classrooms
  • Developed a clear sense of the role of CFGs in supporting implementation of the AKOM Neurodevelopmental Framework

Registration:  Click here (Need an invoice? Click here to email Betsey Bradley to request one. You’ll still need to register.)

Cost: $975

Three Graduate Credits available via Salem State University on the first day of the Institute at $275. 

Prerequisite: Must have participated in either an All Kinds of Minds’ Schools Attuned (SA) or Teaching All Kinds of Minds (TAKOM) course. 

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