The Five Freedoms Project is dedicated to equipping K-12 educators with an actionable framework for democratic leadership that helps their schools become more healthy, high-functioning environments in which to work and learn.

The philosophy behind the project is that America’s young people need educators who can do more than raise test scores; they need leaders who spark student learning by creating schools in which everyone has voice, value and visibility. We also believe our democracy needs individuals with an awareness of  and direct experience with the First Amendment’s five freedoms (religion, speech, press, assembly and petition); it needs a new generation of citizens who utilize those rights in order to follow their consciences, speak out for justice and organize for change.

The Five Freedoms Project strives to build capacity and connect various demonstration sites with a focus on:

  1. Achievement (academic achievement, learning support programs, etc.)
  2. Balance (multiple measures of student assessment, alignment between practices and policies, etc.)
  3. Climate (physical and social/emotional safety, clarity of adult roles and expectations, etc.)
  4. Democratic Practice (co-created school and/or classroom norms, opportunities for students to take public action, etc.)
  5. Equity (clear and effective nondiscrimination policies, teacher preparedness to address different learning styles, etc.)

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