The Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School mission is both bold and pragmatic: to establish a sustainable network of multiple preschool through graduate school pathways for high quality learning that are student centered, mastery based, and community oriented.

MC2 seeks to uncover, recover, and discover the unique gifts and talents that each child brings to school everyday. MC2 works collaboratively with families, community members, and social service agencies to solve real problems, locally and globally, as well as create art for public spaces. Students graduate from MC2 as stewards of the environment with the will, skill, capacity, and knowledge to contribute to the greater good.

We believe every young person deserves to have aspirations, and to be supported in every way possible in developing the will, knowledge, skill, and capacity to achieve their aspirations. Every young person deserves to graduate from high school with options: the option to go to college, and the option to work. Every young person deserves to have the skills and know- how to co-create their public world, to participate in their community and help shape the local and global decisions that will impact their lives. Every young person deserves to know their strengths, to know how to leverage their strengths to overcome or compensate for their challenges, and to know how to access and effectively utilize resources.

MC2 Charter School is the demonstration site of the QED mission, guiding principles, and Transformational Change model.

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