April 12, 2011

Faces of Learning Campaign and Learner Sketch Launch — “Creating a National Culture of Learning – One Community At A Time”

Envisioning a movement of adults and young people in search of better places to work and learn, a coalition of individuals and organizations is highlighting powerful learning experiences to make a larger statement about how and when real learning occurs – and shift the polarizing language of modern education reform to a more hopeful, solution-oriented conversation.

The campaign, called Faces of Learning, aspires to help people understand we are all effective learners, with differing strength and challenges. Kim Carter, executive director of the Q.E.D. Foundation, a non-profit organization that is a member of the coalition, explains: “We want to elevate four essential questions that are, alarmingly, almost completely absent from the current national conversation about school improvement: How do people learn? How do I learn? What does the ideal learning environment look like? And how can we create more of them?”


March 9, 2011

Making Community Connections Charter School awarded New Hampshire state charter


February 16, 2010

Q.E.D. Foundation Receives Catalyst for Change Award

Grant from Nellie Mae Education Foundation recognizes efforts to put students at the center of learning

Amherst, NH – Q.E.D. Foundation has been selected as a recipient of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s Catalyst for Change awards, which recognize existing examples of personalized, student-centered learning experiences across New England. Twelve schools and education organizations have received a one-time grant of $50,000.

“Q.E.D.’s work is about hope, innovation, community, and the power of choice. We’re honored by this recognition of the value of developing learning communities where students actively participate in the design and development of their learning program, working in relationships with mentors who are deeply invested in their success,” said Kim Carter, Executive Director of Q.E.D.

Q.E.D. Board Member and National Director of the Forum for Education and Democracy Sam Chaltain stated, “In all of my work with educators and schools around the country, I have never met a more effective catalyst for change than Kim Carter. Under her guidance, the Q.E.D. Foundation will continue to help light an innovative path toward more inclusive, student-centered learning environments.”