Schoolhouse vs Jailhouse Infographic

Jason FlomCommunity, Policy

The schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline continues to plague our society. The causes for the criminalization of our youth are many, complex, and solvable. Whether we are transforming norms in our schools or implementing larger social justice policies, we must engage students in ways that build their strengths, confidence, and overall well-being. A good place to start is by dialoguing about equity, racial justice, and restorative discipline practices.

Take a look at the infographic by Jason Killinger below. While some of the stats are Philadelphia and Pennsylvania-centric, the overall picture it paints is enough to indicate we need to rethink our approach to providing opportunities for our students.

Be sure to click on the links under the infographic for more information about disrupting this cycle.


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Professor of Law and Director of Racial Justice Project at New York Law School, Deborah N. Archer’s piece in New York Law School Review, Vol 54.